2020 Election | 6th Congressional District - MA

Below you will find videos & other campaign information for the candidates running for the 6th Congressional District of MA. The 6th Congressional District contains most of Essex County, including the North Shore and Cape Ann, as well as part of Middlesex County.



Below are all candidate forums for the candidates for MA 6th Congressional Districtt that we have received. If you know of an upcoming forum, or one that we missed, please email us by clicking here. We will make every attempt to air these forums.





All candidates we have listed below will be on the ballot for the Nov. 3rd Final Election, & have provided a picture & campaign information. Their political party will be listed in parentheses. In alphabetical order:

John Moran  |  Seth Moulton


John MoranJohn Paul Moran, a leader forging a new political movement for America, will fight for unity, liberty and opportunity for citizens of all backgrounds, ages, races, beliefs and lifestyles if elected to the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District – Opportunity for ALL.

An unconventional candidate, he is an Irish Catholic and “Opportunity” Republican with a large extended family in New England and from coast to coast. John Paul draws his credentials from his American dream as a lifelong entrepreneur and business owner, MIT space telescope scientist, Boston University MBA, gay conservative, digital marketer, author, NCAA athlete, youth surfing brand creator, artist, Massachusetts Realtor, and founder of the nonprofit, Grand Opportunity USA “GOUSA”.  His diverse background and life experiences guarantee that he will be a strong and independent voice in the House of Representatives.  

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Seth MoultonSeth Moulton is a father, husband, Iraq War Veteran, and Congressman serving the sixth district of Massachusetts.

Seth decided to join the Marines in 2001, days after graduating from college and months before the attacks on 9/11. As the leader of an infantry platoon, he was among the first Americans to reach Baghdad in 2003. He served four tours in Iraq, a war he disagreed with and spoke out against—but he was proud to go, so no one had to go in his place. Seth ran for Congress, and won, on a platform of bringing a new generation of leadership to Washington—becoming the only Democrat to unseat an incumbent in a primary in 2014.

After the election in 2016, Seth recognized that Congress needed more leaders who have served the country and faced more difficult challenges than losing an election. So he created Serve America, an organization dedicated to changing Washington by electing more service-driven leaders to Congress. Seth raised millions of dollars for the candidates, mentored them, and campaigned with them in districts across the country. On election night, that hard work paid off: twenty-one of Serve America’s candidates won, accounting for half of all Democratic pickups in the House and flipping districts that voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016.

In his last term alone, Rep. Moulton has delivered $1.2 billion for advanced manufacturing in the district, $28 million in COVID relief for Massachusetts fishermen, $16 million for COVID testing, $4 million to combat homelessness, and $35.8 million in opioid response grants. He has also passed mental health care legislation, RMV reform, and environmental protections. The Congressman won the Democracy Award for Outstanding Public Service from the Congressional Management Foundation in 2018 for his work on transparency and accountability in constituent service.

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