2018 ACM National Conference in Baltimore!

July 18, 2018
By David Riley Jr.

Lynn, MA – Recently Mukala, Brian, Bob Tucker (President of our Board of Directors), and myself all went down to Baltimore for the Alliance For Community Media’s annual conference. This was my second conference, Brian’s fourth, and the first for Mukala & Bob.

This was a great experience for all of us. We got to attend various workshops to learn more a lot of different aspects of the industry, talk to a bunch of vendors, network with other stations, and (maybe most importantly) accept our award!

For more on the award you can read our past post on the subject. It was great to receive that recognition from our peers, and even more-so when talking to other stations in the area who said we deserved this after all the past problems.

It’s no secret: community media in Lynn has had a turbulent past. However by receiving this award, their words, and the dozens of positive comments from you guys make me believe in a bright future for community media in this city.

Next year the conference will be in Portland, Oregon and we plan on being there. With all the new content created since the beginning of the year such as After The Whistle, Lynn Uncovered, the LCTV News, and fantastic member-produced shows like The American Dream, Frankly Speaking, & Cal’s Whirled I’m sure we will have an even stronger presence at the Hometown Media Awards.

Thank you for watching, and for your continued support!

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