Lynn scanners now available, LPS laptop info., MA Reopening info. & more | August 11, 2020

AUGUST 11, 2020

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Due to the continued extreme heat forecast for tomorrow, the mobile COVID-19 test site at Lynn English parking lot will be open for limited hours on Wednesday, August 12 from 10:00 AM-1:00PM.

You may call Health Innovations to schedule a test at the mobile van location at (774)-264-0604.

Lynn Public Schools: Laptop info
& virtual town halls

Information about the Lynn Public Schools reopening plan for remote learning is still minimal due to the evolving nature of their reopening. However, we reached out to the Lynn Public Schools after several parents said they didn’t know when or where laptops would be distributed and that they had some technical issues.

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Curb-side equipment sign-outs & 5-month membership extension for all | July 17, 2020

Dear members,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as our facilities remain closed to members and the public. Because many have not been able to fully take advantage of memberships during this time, we are offering 5-month membership extensions for all membership types. Instead of 12 months, you get 17! No need to request it – it’s automatic!

We have worked out a curbside equipment pick up and drop off system by reservation. Any member who has been trained on our portable equipment may email and arrange a time to meet a staff member in front of our facilities.

To keep you safe, we will be wearing masks when we greet you, and we respectfully ask that you do the same. There will be no need to touch paper or pen. We will have already entered everything in our computer system and your signature on your member form acknowledges your responsibilities and obligations.

We are offering our portable JVC camera kits, tripods, shotgun mics, lights and related accessories and cables. We ask that you supply your own SD cards and remember to remove them from the camera before returning them.

Out of caution, we are not able to provide lav (clip-on) mics, headphones, or other wearables.

We can not have the public inside for editing or studio productions at this time, but we’re keeping an eye on things and have a plan in place for when that time comes. You can submit any home-edited projects to us via google docs or dropbox, just reach out to Pedro via email at

Stay safe and keep making videos!

Seth Albaum
Executive Director – Lynn Community TV

COVID-19 updates from LCTV

Hello all,

Director of Operations David Riley Jr. checking in with a quick update. I have been posting many updates to our Facebook page about the current situation surrounding COVID-19. Major updates are being posted separately, but there have been many minor updates flooding in.

Since Thursday I have been updating this Google Document with every closure, announcement, etc that has come in or I’ve come across. In it there are many links to the relevant announcements and videos. I am also only posting verified, official information to avoid the spreading of false information–which is extremely important at this time.

I will post to both the Google Document above and post press releases here as well. The list will continue to be updated several times a day to ensure accurate info is shared fast. If something is missing or should be added please let me know via email. Please share the Google Doc with your friends and family to keep them informed:

At this time LCTV is closed to our members and the public. All classes and events have been postponed until further notice. Members have been receiving email updates, and will continue to. If you are a member & have not received one of our email updates check your spam folder and/or please let me know by emailing ASAP so we can get you on that list.

We will also be producing our weekly news program as usual every Friday. This will be available on our website anytime, as well as every Monday-Saturday at 6AM & 6PM on our Public Access Channel. We will be working on getting interviews & information to update everyone on this evolving situation.

For now that is all. Hope everyone stays informed & healthy!


David Riley Jr.
Director of Operations at LCTV

Senator Markey and Rep. Eshoo Introduce Legislation to Protect Community Television

But first, a message from Executive Director, Seth Albaum:

LCTV’s weekly news program is going to have more airtime on our channel and we are concentrating more resources towards news content. We are not alone. While media access centers throughout the country have always played an important role in informing the public and covering government affairs, more are finding themselves the last in their municipalities to be able to provide any sort of local coverage at all.

Local news doesn’t create itself. Links to news, or “news,” do not just magically appear on Facebook unless people at a news operation of some sort put in the time and effort. More than likely, the people who created them need to put roofs over their heads and food on their tables. Yet, people have come to expect it for free, and as a result, there’s less of it – local news has taken a big hit, and some cities are not served at all anymore.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “I don’t want to subscribe to that paper online because…” of X, Y, or Z. So, what’s left if you run out of free articles from that paper you don’t want to support? Oh, so you have a buddy who sees all the meetings and tells you what happened (as someone said to me, recently.) More than likely that buddy is watching the meetings in the comfort of his or her home thanks to outlets like Lynn Community Television. What if LCTV couldn’t do that anymore.

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FCC updates from LCTV’s Executive Director Seth Albaum

Hey folks,

I have some unfortunate news to share in regards to changes at the FCC that will strip down and possibly eliminate access centers across the country.

On August 1st, the FCC Commissioners voted 3-2, along party lines, to accept changes that put in jeopardy the future of public access television, televised and streamed municipal meetings, and school media and technology programs.

Let’s look at how these services have been funded, and how broadband companies are now trying to wiggle their way out of agreements with local governments with the help of the Federal Communications Commission.

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Senate Commerce Committee hearing on State of TV & Video Marketplace

The Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing Yesterday on the State of the Video Marketplace. Part of the discussion centered around the proposed FCC rule changes that could partially and totally defund community media centers, like LCTV, across the country. Our friends with the Alliance for Community Media are working tirelessly protecting PEG Media from these ridiculous proposals.
Senator Edward J. Markey is also fighting on our side, as he has been for a while. During the hearing asked Craig Aaron from Free Press, who sound the alarm when people’s rights to connect and communicate are in danger,  about the impact this would have on communities. His response was as follows:

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Senator Markey supports community media, opposes move by FCC to de-fund

On April 1st we attended a roundtable discussion and press conference with Senator Ed Markey and representatives from access stations across the commonwealth to defend the future of PEG (Public Access, Education & Government) channels on cable.

To provide a short-form – and yes, this is the short-form explanation – Providers such as Comcast and Verizon (Xfinity & FIOS) pay a 5% fee on profits back to cities and towns in return for using public right of ways to run their infrastructure. While the specifics of how those funds are distributed vary in each municipality, there would be no LETV or LCTV in Lynn without them.

And contrary to popular misconception, your tax dollars do not go towards PEG channels and programs. However, providers do list a line on your bill as they pass the cost onto their customers. It’s not very much, and don’t be fooled for a minute that your bills will decrease if their obligations decrease.

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LCTV Finalist For 2018 MA Creator Awards!

LCTV is proud to announce that we are finalists for 3 awards at the MassAccess MA Creator Awards! Two episodes of Lynn Uncovered & a short on boxers training for the Olympic team are finalists in their categories for this award honoring the best media creators in MA.

This awards ceremony is organized by MassAccess, a member-based advocacy group for community media centers in Massachusetts. MassAccess works to network centers with each other,help pass legislation intended to help improve services, and more. Lynn Community TV is a long-time member of this organization, and is proud to support their efforts.

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News | Lynn Eligible for Federal Aid For Roadway & Safety Improvements citywide

CONTACT: Elizabeth Gervacio | 617-304-3068


Mayor Thomas M. McGee was recently notified by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) that three projects in the City of Lynn have been approved as eligible for $59 million in Federal Aid highway funding. Following a comprehensive application process MassDOT’s Highway Division’s Project Review Committee (PRC) evaluated each project submitted by the City and determined that all three projects are eligible for funding.

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