YouTube Recommendation: Intro to Cinematography

Cinema is a language, and Cinematography is essentially the words filmmakers use. The use of angles, lighting, and much more enhance the art of filmmaking. The use of these elements do more than just show what’s happening, they enhance what the filmmakers want you to feel.

The awesome YouTube channel RocketJump Film School created this brilliant video essay on what Cinematography is. Check it out below!

YouTube Recommendation: Most sitcoms look the same…why?

If you watch a lot of TV you may notice that sitcoms all tend to look the same. This has to do with the placement of lights on set.

Karl Freund was an innovative filmmaker in the 20s & 30s, but eventually he took on the challenge of lighting television shows with a 3-camera setup. Freund also used cameras on dollies & microphones throughout, among others. He started with “I Love Lucy”, and his techniques are still used today.

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YouTube Recommendation: Buster Keaton

July 2, 2018
By David Riley Jr.

Lynn, MA – Like most people my age, I watch a lot of YouTube. Some of the videos I watch focus on the arts, educational videos teaching me about the wonders of the universe, and then there are the film-centric ones. One of my favorite channels is Every Frame A Painting.

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