COVID-19 restrictions for Lynn City Meetings

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Boards, committees, & councils in the City of Lynn are beginning to meet again. In an effort to keep everyone healthy several of the boards are meeting entirely through video conference while some are meeting in person but not allowing the general public in (at this time).

The City Council, Council Subcommittee, & any other meetings being held in the City Council Chambers in City Hall will be broadcast on our Government Channel on TV (Comcast: 22 / Verizon: 37) & online (on our website & Facebook page). Other meetings not held in the Council chambers will be recorded and broadcast at a later time.

Since all of these meetings are to be held without the public present due to COVID-19 the City of Lynn has made plans to ensure the public can still comment during the public hearing portions of meetings. For more info. please read the following notice below from City Clerk Janet Rowe, given for a previous council meeting but the guidelines still apply:

The meeting will not be open to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting will be televised live on the Lynn Community Television (LCTV) government channel and also streamed on the LCTV Facebook page. Any individual interested in speaking for or against or regarding the proposed budget should call (781) 586-6783 or (781) 586-6773 at the date and time of the public hearing. All individuals will be permitted to speak via a speaker phone function. In some instances, the Lynn City Council will call back an individual wishing to speak to ensure an orderly meeting. Individuals wishing to speak may provide their name and phone number to the Lynn City Council and will be called at the appropriate date and time to speak.

This information should be submitted to Terry Young via email: or telephone: (781) 586-6740. The email or telephonic message requesting to speak must be received at least one hour prior to the scheduled meeting. The public will be permitted to call the above phone numbers at the date and time of the public hearing. Any individual desiring to submit written materials either for or against a particular petition should submit the same via e-mail: or regular mail to: Lynn City Council, c/o Terry Young, Lynn City Council office, Lynn City Hall, Lynn, MA 01901.

Documents may also be submitted via the Lynn City Hall drop box located at the Johnson street entrance with a deadline of one hour prior to the scheduled meeting. The documentary submissions may be submitted via a zip drive or similar device compatible to a windows operating system.

Per Order: Janet Rowe, City Clerk – June 29, 2020

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2 thoughts on “COVID-19 restrictions for Lynn City Meetings”

  1. Do not defund Police. To much violence to not have a large police presence. Some of the people advocating for defunding, are the same people who want more police when it’s in their best interest. Let the mayor take a pay cut and use that money.

  2. Lynn police can Barely keep up with all the crime as is there the first on scene of every overdose-fire-shootings-car accident etc don’t let a few endanger the lives of law abiding citizens

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