COVID-19 testing, North Shore Navigators season set to start, voter registration info, & more | June 24, 2020

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Lynn Community Health Center Offers COVID-19 Testing to All

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Lynn Community Health Center is now offering testing for COVID-19 to anyone in Lynn and surrounding communities regardless of symptoms or confirmed exposure to COVID-19. You do not have to be a patient of the health center to get a test.

As communities begin to open up from the pandemic lockdown and more people begin to circulate in the community it will be important to keep a close eye on the virus and identify as quickly as possible areas where positive cases may be increasing.  The best way to do this is making testing available to anyone who thinks they may have been exposed, even if they are showing no symptoms.

“If you have been to a large gathering in the past two weeks, or if you think you have been in contact with someone who may have COVID-19 you should consider getting tested,” said David Schaffner, Director of COVID Testing and Treatment at LCHC. “This disease has a higher than normal percentage of asymptomatic cases, so the only way some people will know if they are infected is if they are tested.  Getting tested if you think you have been exposed is the best way to protect those around you, especially those who are older or who have underlying health conditions.”

Those who are tested at Lynn Community Health Center will receive their results within a few days.  Those who test positive will be given instructions on how to care for themselves and offered supportive services.

Testing is available 7 days a week at the health center’s outdoor testing site at 9 Buffum Street in Lynn. An appointment can be made by calling 781-581-3900.  Walk-in appointments are also available in a limited capacity.

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North Shore Navigators’ 2020 Season Is On!

The North Shore Navigators will be playing baseball this summer. The Futures Collegiate Baseball League has formally unveiled its plans to begin the 2020 season with a six-team schedule on Thursday, July 2. The Navs’ home opener at Lynn’s 80-year-old Fraser Field is set for Tuesday, July 7 against the defending and four-time league champion Worcester Bravehearts.

At least initially, Fraser Field will open at 25 percent of its capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions. The team will keep close track of bodies in seats and skip rows and seats as necessary to ensure that proper distancing is enforced all throughout the ballpark. Groups and hospitality areas will also operate with reduced capacities.

Ticket information will be released shortly.

The 2020 regular season will run through Wednesday, August 19. Immediately following the regular season, the top two teams in the regular-season standings will move into a best-of-three series to decide the Futures League championship.

Information taken in part from N.S. Navigators’ website.
Read the full article here.

Register to vote online or by phone

You can register online by clicking here, with multiple languages available. You can also call the City of Lynn Election Office at 781-586-6803 and they can mail you a voter registration form.

If you are already registered to vote and want to learn more about absentee mail-in ballots by clicking here.

Updates from MBTA on previous accelerated work and More

The MBTA continues to assess whether other projects can be further accelerated. Previous and current accelerated work in 2020 includes:

  • Track work, harbor tunnel repairs, and additional infrastructure improvements successfully accomplished during a fourteen-day shutdown of the Blue Line from Bowdoin to Airport in May 2020;
  • Tie replacement work, concrete repairs, Quincy Adams elevator work, track replacement, and bridge inspection work during a fourteen-day shutdown of the Red Line from Braintree to Quincy Center that began June 18 and is currently taking place through July 1.
  • Track and signal replacement work during two nine-day shutdowns of the Green Line D Branch from Kenmore to Riverside, which successfully took place from June 6 through June 14, and again began June 20 and is currently taking place through June 28.
  • Infrastructure work in the area known as the Beacon Junction during a nine-day shutdown of the C Branch from Kenmore to St. Mary’s that began June 20 and is currently taking place through June 28.

In compliance with the Commonwealth’s Reopening Massachusetts Report, riders are also reminded that face coverings are required while onboard shuttle buses. Additionally, in an effort to promote social distancing and protect the health and safety of MBTA riders and bus operators, ridership on shuttle buses is limited to twenty passengers. The MBTA is also operating more shuttle buses than originally planned and will maintain a robust fleet of shuttle buses on standby to accommodate ridership demands as needed.

Following track work, the MBTA typically implements speed restrictions as a safety precaution, and customers should expect these to last for several days while the T monitors the proper settlement and consolidation of new track and stone ballast. Speed restrictions are lifted once engineers have confirmed proper settlement has occurred.

For more information, please visit,,, or connect with the T on Twitter @MBTA, Facebook/TheMBTA, or Instagram @theMBTA.

MA Poll results on racism, pandemic

The vast majority of Massachusetts residents see racism as a systemic problem, believe police treat Black people differently than everyone else, and support sweeping changes to policing, a major new Suffolk University poll found.

A strong majority of residents in every age group, race, and region said they back the Black Lives Matter movement, according to the poll. At a moment when national polling finds record high numbers of Americans believe racism is a major problem, the Massachusetts data suggest an even stronger majority here feels that way, including a larger proportion of white people.

The poll also finds widespread support for Governor Baker’s handling of the pandemic and the economy. The poll found that a majority of Massachusetts adults are still wary of eating out, attending sporting events, sending their children to daycare or school, getting on planes and using public transportation.

Despite poll respondents’ fears, Massachusetts has reported the lowest coronavirus transmission rate in the country and continues to see a decline in COVID-19 diagnoses and hospitalizations.

From Mayor McGee’s office: The Lynn Public Health Department has confirmed that as of today, the number of active, confirmed positive COVID-19 cases is 794 with 8 new cases today. 2,754 Lynn residents have recovered and 98 have died. The total number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Lynn since March 21, 2020, including those who have died and recovered, is 3,646. Please visit the new City of Lynn COVID-19 Data Dashboard which is updated daily.

Lynn Community Health Center is still offering COVID-19 Testing for anyone who lives or works the City of Lynn. You may be tested regardless of your symptoms or exposure to COVID-19. All are welcome to call 781-581-3900 to make an appointment today regardless of your health insurance or immigration status. Walk-ins are welcome at the outdoor testing site at 9 Buffum Street.

We will continue to provide regular updates on COVID-19 through the City website (, social media, and the Smart 911 emergency notification system (sign up at

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