Lynn YMCA asks for support for their emergency childcare and food distribution

Below is a statement we received from the Lynn YMCA on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

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The Lynn YMCA is in great need of support.  We have identified needs that require urgent action to support vulnerable members of our community impacted by the COVID-19 crisis that we are suited to solve quickly. Work has started towards all these efforts.

First, the Lynn Y is providing emergency childcare to our front-line employees in the Commonwealth. This includes healthcare providers, emergency personnel, pharmacists, grocery store workers and to many others that are working tirelessly to support the community. The State is providing a stipend of $2,500 per 20 children to operate Emergency Childcare. This is about 50% less than what we need to cover quality and safe care for children and families in need.  We will still need to purchase additional supplies, both educational and sanitary in nature.

Second, our staff is working with Lynn Public Schools, our current food sponsor, to provide 400 free daily nutritious Grab & Go meals during the times that the schools are not providing food. This program began this past Monday, March 23rd, 5 days a week, for 8 weeks, with extra meals distributed on Friday for weekend coverage. We will do this through structured pick up and/or delivery timetables, 2-5pm when Lynn Public Schools are not providing meals. LPS will also support our efforts in outreach to reach Lynn families through their channels, as will the Y through our communication channels including the Mayor’s office, so families know about the Y as a resource for food. The structure of the Grab & Go distribution method is determined by our food sponsor and the department of Elementary & Secondary Education, and is designed to ensure safety and reduction of contamination. Lynn Public Schools is providing meals for us to serve, but no funding to cover the cost of staffing and supplies to serve it.

For all of the initiatives above we are assuming 8 weeks of this service. Obviously, we are not able to predict this crisis and how it will unfold. Regardless, 100% of any support you could give will be used for meeting the immediate childcare and food needs of vulnerable, low income Lynn families.

Any support is so appreciated at this time.  Please help us at the Lynn Y as we continue our mission of helping the most vulnerable among us at or by check to Lynn YMCA, 20 Neptune Blvd, Lynn, MA 01902.

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