Mayor McGee announces executive order related to construction & public works sites & workers | April 2, 2020

Below is a statement we received from Mayor McGee’s office on Thursday, April 2, 2020.

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Mayor Thomas M. McGee, in consultation with the City Council, the Department of Public Health, Inspectional Services Department, and the City Solicitor’s office, is announcing an Executive Order with COVID-19 guidelines and procedures for all construction and public works sites and workers in the City of Lynn effective Friday, April 3, 2020.

As part of Mayor McGee’s Executive Order, all construction and public work employees must certify to their supervisor prior to the start of their work shift that they are not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and have not been exposed to anyone exhibiting such symptoms. All job sites are required to be equipped with wash stations and hand sanitizers, abide by proper social distancing requirements at all times, implement a no congregation policy, as well as cleaning and decontamination procedures. In situations where social distancing is not feasible, personal protective equipment, including masks, gloves and eye protection must be supplied by the employer, to its employees. On sites with ten or more employees, the contractor is required to create a project specific Hazard Analysis and Compliance Plan to be approved by Lynn’s Public Health Director and must designate a COVID-19 Compliance Officer.

Construction and public works projects that cannot comply with the Executive Order are mandated to cease operations immediately. The failure to comply with the provisions of the Executive Order will result in the revocation of all required permits. The Inspectional Services Department will notify all current permit holders by mail and visit all large ongoing project sites to deliver a copy of the order tomorrow.

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