Public Access Channel Schedule Changes – Taking effect Jan. 20, 2020

Starting this Monday (Jan. 20, 2020) we will be playing a new schedule on our Public Access Channel! This is the first time in years that we’ve revamped our schedule, and it is being done to put more emphasis on member-produced shows here in Lynn.

We will also begin to play our news show every weekday at 6AM & 6PM. The LCTV News features a recap of the last week’s headlines, video recaps of events, interviews with elected officials/community leaders, and more! New episodes are released every Friday. You can watch episodes of the LCTV News on our website by clicking here.

We have made an attempt to consolidate similar programming together to create blocks of Spanish-language programs, sports shows, and more. The spots that are blank we fill in weekly with special and one-off programs, some produced by members/LCTV staff and some that we have obtained permission to play.

Please see the updated schedule below.

Click for full-size image

Shows in blue are regular member-produced shows
Shows in purple are staff-produced shows

Shows that are bolded are regular outside-produced shows

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