Weekly COVID-19 numbers from Mass DPH, LPS holiday meal plan, P-EBT update, & more | November 20, 2020

NOVEMBER 20, 2020

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Weekly COVID-19 numbers from Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health

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Every week on the MA Department of Public Health releases numbers for how COVID-19 has impacted the state, and we try to highlight some of these numbers so the community is informed. Their numbers factor in the past week as well as the week before, giving 2 weeks worth of data.

The City of Lynn has seen well over a month of rapidly growing numbers, indicating that the City is deep into a second wave of COVID-19. The average daily incidence rate per 100,000 over 14 days this week was 61.6;  the previous 4 weeks were 45.1, 34.4, 25.7, & 17.3. The positivity rate this week was 9.14%; the previous 4 weeks were 7.48%, 6.53%, 5.70%, & 4.26%. Over the last week there were 6,000 more total tests & while this does indeed mean that case numbers will go up, the number to watch is positivity rate. The higher the positivity rate the more the virus is spreading, regardless of number of cases or tests.

The outlook for the nation is not much better. We currently have 11.8 million cases, gaining 1 million cases in just 1 week after reaching 9 million cases only 3 weeks ago. We have seen daily record numbers of cases the last several weeks, with yesterday seeing an all-time high of 187,000 cases reported in just one day. The death toll nationwide is at 252K, with close to 2,000 in the last 24 hours alone.

There are currently 140 communities in the yellow category, & 62 communities in the red category in Massachusetts. Last week there were 109 in the yellow and 30 in the red. The week before there were 91 in the yellow and 16 in the red, and three weeks ago there were 77 in the yellow and 121 in the red. The reason for the drastic difference in the numbers of communities in these categories the two previous weeks was due to new classification systems being used by Mass DPH.

Communities with populations less than 10,000 residents, between 10,000 & 50,000 residents, & more than 50,000 residents have had new metrics applied to them. Their results fall into 4 color categories; grey, green, yellow, & red. Positivity rates & average daily cases will continue to be determined by two-week rolling average. Officials say the new categories help to make the community-specific data more nuanced, and better account for increases in cases in smaller communities. They will also incorporate examples where cases at colleges, nursing homes, or jails may push an entire community into the red category. The new metrics are as follows:

  • For communities with fewer than 10,000 residents:
    • Grey = 10 or fewer cases
    • Green = 15 or fewer cases
    • Yellow = 25 or fewer cases
    • Red = More than 25 cases.
  • For communities with between 10,000 and 50,000 residents:
    • Grey = 10 or fewer cases
    • Green = Less than 10 average cases per 100,000 residents & more than 10 cases
    • Yellow = 10 or more cases per 100,000 residents or a test positivity rate of 5% or more
    • Red = 10 or more cases per 100,000 residents and a test positivity rate of 5% or more
  • For communities with more than 50,000 residents:
    • Grey = 15 cases or less
    • Green = 10 average cases per 100,000 residents and more than 15 cases
    • Yellow = 10 or more cases per 100,000 residents or a test positivity rate of 4% or more
    • Red = 10 or more cases per 100,000 residents and a test positivity rate of 4% or more


Below are the statistics for Lynn & the state.

City/Town Total Case Count Case Count (Last 14 Days) Average Daily Incidence Rate per 100,000 (Last 14 days) Relative Change in Case Counts Total Tests Total Tests (Last 14 days) Total Positive Tests (Last 14 days) Percent Positivity (Last 14 days) Change in Percent Positivity
Lynn 6,666 869 61.6 Higher 86,206 11,253 1,028 9.14% Higher
STATEWIDE 189,518 28,660 29.4 Higher 7,484,835 1,088,489 32,865 3.05% Higher

If you would like to find out full statistics for the entire state, including maps & town-by-town data, you can find the full weekly report from MA Dept. of Public Health by clicking here.

Read our recap of last week’s weekly report by clicking here.

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This event will be aired on our Public Access TV Channel on Friday, November 27th at 7pm. It will be available to watch on TV (Comcast: 3 / Verizon: 38), on our website, YouTube channel, & Facebook page simultaneously.

Lynn Public Schools Holiday Meal Distribution plan

  •  On Monday November 23rd, All Lynn School Serving Sites Will Distribute 7 Days-Worth of Meals to Cover the Holiday Week.
  • No Meal Service Will Occur for the Rest of the Week. EXCEPT on Tuesday November 24th, the Seven Evening Program Sites Will Distribute Meals from 4 PM until 7 PM
  • Normal Scheduled Service Will Resume on Monday, November 30th.

The above information was provided by Lynn Public Schools.

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Nov. update: P-EBT for Lyn students

What is Pandemic EBT (P-EBT)?

P-EBT is a benefit that provides funds to buy food for students who have lost access to free or reduced-price meals because schools are closed.

Do I qualify for P-EBT?

All students in Lynn public schools qualify for free school meals and therefore should get P-EBT for as long as there is remote learning in the 2020-2021 school year.

When will I get P-EBT? Why have I not gotten P-EBT for October or November?

All students in Lynn public schools were eligible to get P-EBT from March through June, and in September 2020. Students should have gotten $399 of P-EBT in the Spring and $5.86 per day for the days of remote learning in September.

You will also get P-EBT for October, November, and as long as remote learning continues. The federal government unfortunately delayed giving guidance to states on how to pay out P-EBT in October and November. The guidance was finally received mid November and P-EBT benefits should be going onto cards, hopefully by mid-December. You can find updates at ​map-ebt.org​.

How will I get my P-EBT benefits?

If you currently get SNAP (food stamps) or TAFDC (cash assistance), your P-EBT benefits should be added to your existing EBT card. If not, you should have received a P-EBT card in the mail, as well as a second piece of mail with instructions on how to activate your card.

I lost my card or never got one – what do I do?

You can request a new card by:

  • Using the online portal at: ​dtaconnect.com/pebt​

Calling the DTA Assistance Line to ask for a card: 877-382-2363.

P-EBT cards were mailed to the address that your school had on file. If you moved recently, please report your new address to your school. If you cannot get your card replaced, call your local legal services advocate: ​masslegalhelp.org/find-legal-aid

Will using P-EBT impact my immigration status?

Using your P-EBT Card does NOT impact your or your child’s immigration status. The public charge rule does NOT apply to P-EBT benefits.

How do I activate my card?

You can activate your P-EBT card by using your Case Number to set up a PIN. You can find out your Case Information using the number on your P-EBT card at ​dtaconnect.com/pebt​.

How can I check my balance?

Call the number on the back of your P-EBT card to check how much money is on your card.

Please click here for more information about P-EBT.
Click here for this info. in both English & Spanish.

For more info. contact Aparna Raghu via email by clicking here.
The above information was provided to us by AmeriCorps.


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You can participate in English & Spanish.

From Mayor McGee’s office: The Lynn Public Health Department has confirmed that as of today, the number of active, confirmed positive COVID-19 cases is 1,056 with 54 new cases today. 5,750 Lynn residents have recovered and 129 have died. The total number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Lynn since March 21, 2020, including those who have died and recovered, is 6,935. Please visit the City of Lynn COVID-19 Data Dashboard which is updated daily.

The City of Lynn is hosting a Tele Town Hall on COVID-19 on Monday, November 23rd at 6:00PM. Mayor Thomas McGee and Public Health Director Michele Desmarais will be joined by several medical experts from Lynn Community Health Center, North Shore Medical Center and North Shore Physicians Group.

Residents will receive a phone call from the City of Lynn at 6:00PM on Monday evening and should remain on the line to join the town hall. There will be two simultaneous events offered, one in English and one in Spanish. For those residents who want to join the Spanish Town Hall, they will be offered the option to do so throughout the call. You can join the town halls at the following links:

Join English Town Hall: https://video.teleforumonline.com/video/streaming.php?client=20106

Join Spanish Town Hall: https://video.teleforumonline.com/video/streaming.php?client=20350

Stop the Spread Initiative Testing have been extended until December 31st

Please visit http://www.ci.lynn.ma.us/covid19/resources.shtml#p7GPc1_2 for more information on how you can get a free COVID-19 test in the City of Lynn until December 31st.

We will continue to provide regular updates on COVID-19 through the City website (www.lynnma.gov), social media, and the Smart 911 emergency notification system (sign up at www.smart911.com).

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