YouTube Recommendation: Buster Keaton

July 2, 2018
By David Riley Jr.

Lynn, MA – Like most people my age, I watch a lot of YouTube. Some of the videos I watch focus on the arts, educational videos teaching me about the wonders of the universe, and then there are the film-centric ones. One of my favorite channels is Every Frame A Painting.

Sadly, this is a now-defunct channel…but it has a plethora of fantastic video essays. The guy that does these videos, Tony Zhou, does a fantastic job of bringing together interviews, personal opinion/analysis, and editing to create an informative and fun video on a certain subject.

The subjects he has covered include blocking a scene, how to do action comedy, how texting/the internet has evolved in film, and more. I highly recommend going through his library & watching all the videos, when you have the time.

I’m going to share the video he did on Buster Keaton, because I believe he was the greatest silent film comedian. Buster’s gags were well done and impressive for the time, with him doing almost all of his own stunts. His commitment to his work is admirable, and watching some of his films and knowing that all the stunts and physical comedy are legit is respectable.

I hope you all enjoy this video, and that you watch more of Tony’s videos.

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