Production Classes


Given for free with a membership at LCTV
Appointments for training must be confirmed one week in advance with LCTV Staff

LCTV offers its Access Users an extensive training program in multi-media production. An Orientation session is required to be completed for Access Users prior to enrolling in any LCTV workshops. Workshop schedules are posted on the LCTV website and at the LCTV facilities. Printed schedules are available at LCTV. Workshops are conducted on an on-going basis. Access Users may enroll in any workshop for which they have satisfied the prerequisites; workshops for groups can be arranged on an ad hoc basis. A minimum number of participants may be specified for each workshops to be held as scheduled.  LCTV encourages Access Users to request workshops not currently offered or to make proposals to teach workshops in their areas of expertise. Workshop slots are generally reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. If a workshop is full, Access Users may ask to be put on a waiting list. If the minimum enrollment is not met, LCTV may cancel a workshop. Further, LCTV reserves the right to cancel workshops at any time due to instructor illness, absent students, or at the reasonable request of the instructor.

Access Users can be certified to use facilities, check out equipment, and take advanced workshops by successfully completing the appropriate workshops. Access Users must attend all sessions of a certification course, and meet the standards set by LCTV staff and instructor. Experienced personnel may be certified and by-pass workshops in studio, field production, and editing by demonstrating proficiency with equipment and/or software. Annual re-certification of certified Access Users will automatically take place with renewal of membership, so long as the Access User has been involved in an LCTV-based production in the previous year of being an Access User. LCTV staff reserves the right to request Access Users to be re-certified in any area if deemed necessary.

For a the full details of LCTV’s policies & procedures for membership please view our documents page.


Covers LCTV Policies & Procedures, found by clicking here, and an explanation of PEG Media & it’s value. All LCTV Members are required to take this course before using our equipment and facilities.


Covers training on our studio cameras, audio equipment, Broadcast Pix switcher, lighting equipment, graphics, and directing.


Covers training on field cameras, audio equipment, lighting, producing, and editing. The following is a sample field production classes:

  1. Orientation & pre-production/hosting
  2. Basic camera & tripod setup
  3. Lighting and Audio
  4. Final Cut Pro X – Basic Editing
  5. Motion – The Basics (Taught separately, upon request)

After the third class members are allowed to rent equipment so that they may be able to film footage to edit during the editing class.


All training done by LCTV is scheduled ahead of time, and the schedule can be found below. If you’re interested in training please reach out to us by sending us an email or calling 781-780-9460.

Field Production Classes
Studio Production Classes