2021 Election

As part of our mission to inform the public, we will be covering the 2021 City of Lynn Municipal Election this year. Below is information both for voters and for those wishing to run for office in Lynn.

Below are the races that will have seats up for grabs in this year's election. Around the start of July we will publish pages for each of these races complete with information on and videos about the candidates.

Mayor of lynn

At Large Ward School


Below is a list of all candidates who have taken out nomination papers so far. We will be conducting informal interviews with Mayoral candidates before our more formal interviews this summer, & will be linked below.

This list is provided to us by the City of Lynn Election Office & is current as of April 12th at 11am.

  • MAYOR - Darren Cyr (interview)  |  Jared Nicolson (interview)  |  Michael Satterwhite (interview)
  • COUNCILOR AT-LARGE - *Buzzy Barton  |  Jose Encarnacion    |  *Brian Field  |  Marven Hyppolite  |  *Brian LaPierre  |  Nicole McClain  |  *Hong Net
  • WARD 1 - *Wayne Lozzi
  • WARD 2 - Elizabeth Figueroa  |  *Rick Starbard
  • WARD 3 - **Coco Alinsug  |  George Meimeteas
  • WARD 4 - *Richard Colucci  |  Natasha Megie-Maddrey
  • WARD 5 - *Dianna Chakoutis  |  Sandra Suarez
  • WARD 6 - *Fred Hogan
  • WARD 7 - *Jay Walsh
  • SCHOOL COMMITTEE - *Brian Castellanos  |  *Donna Coppola  |  Eric Dugan  |  *John Ford Jr.  |  *Lorraine Gately  |  Sandra Lopez  |  Tiffany Magnolia  |  Rocio Mora  |  Lenny Pena

 * denotes an incumbent     ** Currently on LCTV Board of Directors


  • Last day to register for Preliminary - Wednesday, August 25
  • Preliminary Election - Tuesday, Sept. 14 from 7AM-8PM
  • Last day to register for Final - Wednesday, October 13
  • Final Election - Tuesday, Nov. 2 from 7AM-8PM

Wards in Lynn copy

Wards in Lynn, click to get a more detailed map


The locations below are where registered voters can go on election days. If you don’t know which ward/precinct you are in or where to go to vote and need to find out you can enter your information on the Secretary of The Commonwealth’s website by clicking here.

If you are in need of more information you can contact the Elections Office by clicking here.

Please use our interactive map below to see where your polling location is!



How to run for office in Lynn

Click for full-resolution image

The information below has been gathered for those wishing to run for elected office in the City of Lynn. Information below is courtesy of the City ofd Lynn Election Office, if you are in need of more information you can contact them by clicking here.

The graphic to the right was given to us by the Lynn Election Department. The information in this guide is general information regarding the process for running for municipal office in the City of Lynn ONLY, not intended as legal advice & subject to change if State law or the City Charter is changed.

Number of signatures needed on nomination papers

  • Mayor - 500 signatures, not more than 150 of which shall be from any one Ward.
  • Councilor At-Large or School Committee - 350 signatures, not more than 100 of which shall be from any one Ward.
  • Ward Councilor - 100 signatures from the Ward.

Candidates should collect 20% over the amount needed, to cover for non-voters. Nomination papers to be given to candidates only, or to their agents appointed in writing. (mgl c. 53, §17).

Important dates

  • Nomination papers available now
  • Friday, June 25 at 4pm - Last day & hour to take out nomination papers
  • Monday, June 28 at 4pm - Last day & hour to file nomination papers
  • Tuesday, July 27 at 5pm - Last Day and Hour for the Board of Election Commissioners for certification. Deadline to certify for Municipal Offices in the City of Lynn
  • Thursday, July 29 at 5pm - Last Day to file withdrawal of, or objections to all nomination papers with the City Clerk
  • Monday, August 2 at 10am - Drawing for ballot positions in Election Office, Room 203, City Hall.
  • Friday, September 24 at 5pm - Last day and hour to file for Recount
  • Tuesday, September 28 at 10am - Drawing for ballot positions in Election Office, Room 203, City Hall.
  • Friday, November 12 at 5pm - Last day and hour to file for Recount

Local Election 2021 Guidelines

The guidelines below were provided to us by City of Lynn Elections Chief Janet Rowe.

  1. Nomination papers available: 3/22/2021. Last day to return: 6/28/2021
  2. Nomination papers may be on 8½ x 11 paper, however they must be 2-sided, per Chapter 53, Sec 17 (size) and Chapter 53, Sec 9A (# to be given out).
  3. Papers can be mailed to candidates, and blank nomination pages may be photo copied but, they must be 2-sided. Emailing nomination papers is not recommended.
  4. Emailed papers cannot be accepted, as “wet signatures” are required.
  5. Signed papers may be returned in person (if City Hall is open), mailed, or placed in “drop box” at City Hall.

The following public safety recommendations are from the City of Lynn
Public Health Director Michele Desmarais:

  1. Candidates must wear masks at all times.
  2. Mailing nomination papers to citizens is recommended as the best safety measure.
  3. Door to door solicitation is not recommended unless separate sheets and pens are provided to each individual.
  4. Political gatherings are not recommended, however Public health guidelines suggest no more than 10 people inside and/or 25 outside with masks and social distance rules in place.
  5. Signature sheets may be returned in the “drop box” outside of City Hall.