Lynn Scanners

The scanners below are hosted by BroadcastifyBroadcastify is the radio communications industry's largest platform for streaming live audio for public safety, aircraft, rail, and marine related communications. 

Please note that an ad from Broadcastify will play first & that it is not unusal for the feeds below to go through periods of silence. However, if you encounter an issue with the feeds below please let us know by calling 781-780-9460 or sending us an email.


Lynn Fire Department

Lynn Fire Dept

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Scanning both channel 1 (dispatch)
& channel 2 (fireground).

Lynn Police Department

Lynn Police Dept

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Public frequencies for the Lynn
Police Department

Feed provided by LCTV.

MA State Police

MA State Police

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Scanning Dispatch Talkgroups for Station A, H Troops,
SOPS 1-8 and the Statewide Talkgroup. May hold on a
channel for an event. Patrol area includes Boston,
Middlesex and Essex Counties



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