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All classes are given for free with an LCTV membership.

LCTV offers its members basic training for studio, field, and post-production. Advanced classes are also offered every month on different aspects of production. Occassionally we will alsooffer a public seminar open to the general public to attend. All of these classes are given for free, although the basic and advanced trainings require a membership.

LCTV encourages members to request workshops not currently offered or to make proposals to teach workshops in their areas of expertise. Further, LCTV reserves the right to cancel classes at any time.

Members can be certified to use facilities, check out equipment, and take certain advanced workshops by successfully completing the introduction classes. Members must attend all sessions of a certification course, and meet the standards set by the instructor. LCTV staff reserves the right to request Members to be re-certified in any area, if deemed necessary.

If you are interested in training please reach out to us by sending an email, calling 781-780-9460, or visiting our studio at 181 Union St. in Lynn.

Please find a list of upcoming class times below. Please note the basic studio, field, & post-production classes are offered every month, and you are only required to attend one of the days.

Advanced Class: Intro to Lighting


In this course students will the learn the fundamentals of how to use our lightingkits for interviews & other productions. We will go over 3 & 4 point lighting setups, how to dramatically light a scene, and more. This is an Advanced Class offered...

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Advanced Class: Intro To Podcasting


In this course students willlearn how to operate our podcasting kit to be able to produce a podcast for up to 4 people. We will go over how to set up and break down everything, the audio board's functions, and how to make your...

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