Community Bulletin Board


LCTV operates an electronic Community Bulletin Board which cycles community announcements on the access channels when no video programming is scheduled, as well as uploaded online. Messages of a non-personal, non-commercial nature, of interest to Lynn residents, may be submitted by Lynn residents, Lynn-based organizations, or the City of Lynn. No commercial announcements, advertising, or direct appeals for funds for commercial purposes will be accepted. However, non-profit fund-raising events, projects, or community events may be posted.

LCTV staff reserves the right to schedule announcements at LCTV’s discretion. LCTV is not responsible for mistakes by the submitting party made on the CBB. LCTV reserves the right, as producer of the CBB, to reject or edit any message. Each message must include the name of the person sponsoring or posting the message. A phone number, website or email address is permitted. All other programming restrictions apply to the Community Bulletin Board. LCTV gives priority to Lynn-related notices. There is no guarantee that every notice submitted will be shown.

Notices may be submitted via this submission form.
Notices accepted will also be posted on our Community Calendar, found by clicking here.

See our postings on the CBB via our Facebook page below: