Lynn Lowdown

AT 9AM & 4PM


Lynn Lowdown is a series of short interviews with city leaders and citizens, giving their opinions & covering the news of the day.

On The Lowdown we will cover local news, organization updates, important city information, ongoing projects, & resources for the community. The panelists will also be able to give their opinion on the news stories & informative insight.


This is a list of some of the panelists so far that will appear on The Lynn Lowdown. This list is ever-growing, and citizens of Lynn may appear to give their opinion on a news story as well. If you’re interested please reach out to Sean Donahue by calling 781-780-9460 or emailing him by clicking here.

Format & Info sheets for Lynn Lowdown

For format / info sheet click here

FOR PRODUCING HOSTS: Remember to have no more than two guests on your segment. Please fill out the info form then send it and any applicable pictures/graphics to Dave via email by clicking here at least 24 hours prior to coming in for your show. Use the other form to help you prepare to host your show.





Some prior hosts of Lynn Lowdown segments include…

  • Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy
  • Julia Greene – Recycling Coordinator, Lynn DPW
  • Jon Thibault – Lynn Housing Authority
  • David Gass – Citizen/Community Organizer
  • Calvin Anderson – Citizen/Community Organizer



On a previous episode of The Lynn Lowdown, found here, Calvin Anderson will host an episode talking about the Downtown Action Strategy for the City of Lynn. During the show they will reference a presentation countless times, and show some slides from it. To view the presentation in full please click here.


Below is a playlist of all episodes of The Lynn Lowdown.