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The shows below appear on our Public Access Channel.

COMCAST: Channel 22  |  VERIZON: Channel 37

Candidate Forums

During each election season LCTV covers the forums with candidates running for elected office in the City of Lynn. These include forums by community groups & LCTV.

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Candidate Profiles

During election season we invite all candidates running for local elected office in Lynn into our studio to record statements directly addressing the voters in Lynn.

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City Council Meetings

For the full schedule for the Council, and agendas, you can click here.

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City Council Subcommittee Meetings

These meetings take place before the Lynn City Council Meetings. For the full schedule for the Council Subcommittees, and their agendas, you can click here.

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Council on Aging Meetings

The Lynn Council On Aging is responsible for all senior activities.

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Election Night Results

These are the live results shows that LCTV staff broadcasts during Preliminary & Final Elections in the City of Lynn.

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Licensing Commission Meetings

The mission of the Lynn License Commission is to issue, regulate and oversee the licenses of over 350 establishments of various types operation within the City of Lynn. Additionally, they...

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Off Street Parking Commission Meetings

The Lynn Off Street Parking Commission is responsible approving and maintaining off-street parking facilities in the City of Lynn.

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Planning Board Meetings

The Lynn Planning Board is responsible for endorsement of approval not required plans and subdivision plans, rezoning issues, tree hearings, etc.

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Traffic Commission Meetings

The Traffic Commission is an advisory board established to coordinate traffic activities, supervise the preparation and publication of traffic reports, receive complaints having to do with traffic matters, and recommend...

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Water & Sewer Commission Meetings

It is the mission of the Water & Sewer Commission to protect the public health and environment of Lynn by providing clean, safe superior quality drinking water and by creating...

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Zoning Board of Appeals Meetings

The Zoning Bylaws regulate lot size, setback, frontage and use. The Zoning Board of Appeals is empowered to hear and vote on requests for variances from the terms of the...

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